Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Little Man!

It is hard to believe a year has gone by since we welcomed our Little Man into the family!  We celebrated, Cupcake Style, just like we did for Mags 1st Birthday!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Marley Lilly Giveaway

Marley Lilly is an amazing monogram company.  I love this stuff!  They have something for everyone and it is all so reasonably priced.  Greatness right now is they are having a giveaway for a $100 gift certificate!  Oh the things I could buy...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hoppy Easter

For Maggie's Easter egg hunt at school, I wanted a cute outfit without having her be in something expensive. So I made it.
I've gotten on a sewing kick lately.  However, the bravery hasn't carried over to using the embroidery function yet.  I've been free handing everything and doing OK at it.  The laptop that is use isn't wireless so I haven't hauled it to the modem so I can connect- maybe this weekend.  :) 

The hairbow was actually quite easy to make.  I got the directions from Tip Junkie.  My applique knowledge came from My Happy, Crazy Life.  I love Google. 

The rest of Easter...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Favorite Boys

My first son (a furry one) and my favorite son.
Yes, the kid is over 13 lbs and the cat is still BIGGER!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Feeling Crafty in the Kids Rooms

I love to make crafts, used to have a LOT of time for it.  Not so much lately.  But it seems every time I have a baby I get the desire and find the time.  Also,  I am tired of paying for things and thinking-  "I can do that".  So here's what I have been up to lately...

Maggie moved to a BIG girl room in July.  It has slowly been coming together.  We had a couple of wicker pieces so our goal is a girly, white wicker room.  I wanted somewhere to put all her dress up clothes and a trunk we had seemed perfect but it needed a little help. 

 I had to order new curtains with the room change (went from 1 window to 2), so I put the old ones to good use and made a cushion for the top of the trunk. 

We moved the name that had been above her crib to above her bed too.  My mom and I made them before she was born.  Slipped a little team spirit in there too...

Unfortunately, I couldn't think of anything to glamorous to do for Trey.  Hubby kept telling me my ideas were girly.  So his is rather plain, or shall I say masculine.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Homemade Drain Cleaner

Our shower drain is forever becoming slow or clogging.  I swear it seems like we are putting Drano or the like down it constantly.  Besides the fact that stuff stinks, it is expensive and not the most earth friendly product.  So when the drain started to show signs of becoming slow again, I went in search of a more friendly cleaner and came across a vinegar recipe.  Yes, I know, vinegar is the wonder substance.

Put 3/4 C baking soda, dry, in the drain.  Pour about 1/2 C vinegar in the drain.  Cover with a rag or stopper.  It will make a volcano effect that you want to keep in the drain.  Boil some water while waiting 30 minutes.  Pour HOT water down the drain slowly.  Plunge as needed.

I didn't measure the amounts, and didn't have a rag or stopper I wanted to put in the shower.  The shower floor was dry so I stuck press 'n seal down.  I am also impatient- I really wanted to go ahead and shower so I only waited about 10-15 minutes.  I must say, I am impressed with the results.  I believe I will do it again in a couple days to get things nice and clean but I believe this will be my go-to method for drain clogs now!

Now I just need to find that site again that tells you how to clean your dishwasher...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

We survived!

Getting kisses from my big sister!

We survived!  We have Christmased with everyone- my family, Bucky's family, the great-grandma, everyone.  Now things are finally calming down and I realized I never posted pictures of Trey.  So this is going to be just a quick catchup of the last month.

Brand new...

Ready to go home!

Merry Christmas! 
(The front of our card this year!)

Just hanging out!